Rachel Verghis

Rachel Verghis has been a devoted collector of art for over a decade. Her fervour for contemporary art, her values and her enthusiasm have led to the accumulation of a highly significant collection of new media works by Australian artists.

A banker for thirteen years, Verghis spent all her earnings on art works, giving collecting supreme precedence from the outset. Such is Verghis’ dedication that she volunteered at Sydney’s Sherman Galleries in 2003 to deepen her insight and involvement with art and culture. Verghis is both the youngest collector and the youngest donator of art in Australia.

In 2009, the ‘Light Sensitive Material / Works from the Verghis Collection’ exhibition at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery showed thirty works on this theme, making a private collection accessible to all. The exhibition will tour Australia for the next four years.

Rachel Verghis confounds the conventional conception of the art collector. She collects to contribute rather than solely to accumulate. Building on this experience, she has now progressed to actively generate the creation of new works through her latest venture, Incubator. Works are commissioned, internationally exhibited and editioned by Incubator, with profits made from sales re-invested in artists and their future practice. Her interests and her ethos are now focused on the international contemporary new media scene. Verghis has united her love of collecting with her gift for finance through the formation of Incubator – a platform for the artists of today.

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