Natalie Kovacs

Natalie Kovacs is an independent curator. Her specialisation lies in performative art that explores and expands new media. Kovacs' practice is inclusive; committed to engaging people with art on every level. Kovacs uses art as a spectrum through which to view life, death and the infinite, often with an environmental perspective. In addition to the wide spectrum of projects she organises and curates, Kovacs has lectured at the Canadian Film Center and London's Serpentine Gallery.

Kovacs' projects draw diverse audiences to international critical acclaim. She co-founded Trailervision, one of the first video websites, 1997. In 2005, she curated SEED, the first interactive cell-phone-driven video project in New York. During the same year, she scored another first with Honeymoon in Poland, the marriage of Maria Legault to her beau, Plus One, the first online wedding ceremony and the first exhibition to be posted as a blog. In 2007, she launched Soundbike at Art Basel Miami Beach. This interactive performance art vehicle explored the acoustic ecology of the city and our relationship to the planet through the bicycle. Kovacs co-founded ARTBUS, a nomadic performance art vehicle that takes curators, collectors and artists on a tour of exhibitions where the journey provides the destination. This launched in London and New York City in 2008. She curated the multimedia exhibition, A New Stance for Tomorrow at Volta New York 2009. Kovacs most recent projects can be found below.

Kovac's work has received international media attention that includes The Art Newspaper, Art forum, Vernissage TV, Daily Beast, Vanity Fair, Woman's Wire Daily, Interview magazine, Whitewall magazine, Blast magazine and Resonance radio.

Natalie Kovacs' originality and inclusivity distinguishes how contemporary ideas are launched, exhibited and expanded. The many facets of her practice are fused through her latest endeavor, Incubator – an innovative cultural launchpad.

Recent Projects