Heloise Reynolds

Heloise Reynolds is a writer and researcher whose interest in art, design and architecture encompasses both the ancient and the modern. Taking a long perspective from her research into Greek, Roman and Byzantine decorative arts at the Courtauld Institute, she has since has worked in diverse echelons of the art world that includes public, private and community institutions.

At the Liverpool Biennial 2008 (Year of Culture), she was part of the team overseeing the ruined space of St Luke's Church, which exhibited Yoko Ono's installation, 'SkyLadders'. In 2009, she assisted at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, during such exhibitions as Never Ever Land, Design High and Telling Tales.Heloise has written text for exhibition catalogues, most recently for the Sameness & Difference exhibition at the Russian Club Gallery, London.

She is currently researching and writing a micro site for the Victoria and Albert Museum on historic gaming and it's accoutrements, in addition to assisting the Department of Furniture, Textiles and Fashion. A happy member of the Incubator team, Heloise is very much enjoying focussing on the innovative art and ideas of tomorrow.