Our Mission

Incubator is an alternative platform that initiates and develops creativity. It was founded by Rachel Verghis, a collector and former banker. Inspired by a kindred enthusiasm and ethic for new media work and its role within the art world, she established Incubator with a mission to offer a licence for experimentation to artists and ideas.

Incubator is dedicated to providing time and space for talent to release its potential and to evolve in unknown and unforeseen directions. By enabling experimental ideas to develop, the scope for their longevity is deepened.

Incubator invites and ignites discourse by supporting myriad disciplines. Projects are exhibited internationally in alternative spaces, including public and private institutions, art fairs, en plein air, biennials and satellite venues. The fruits of this process of discovery are new works and private commissions, available through Incubator. This is how we invest in the concept of creative capital.

In these uncertain times, the link between public and private is emerging stronger than ever before. Incubator’s ethos revolves around this concept of a connected creative community, offering a new paradigm of practice.